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IOM Azerbaijan continues to provide assistance and support to 47 stranded and vulnerable migrants due to COVID-19

IOM Azerbaijan within this year has provided  47 stranded and vulnerable migrants, including 23 female and 24 male migrants, among them 7 families with 19 children with an urgent assistance and supported vulnerable migrants (foreign/ third country nationals) to address basic food and hygiene, housing/accommodation, and/or medical needs in the scope of the “Provision of assistance to vulnerable foreign migrants in Azerbaijan within the framework IOM’s Global COVID-19 Response – the second phase” project. 

The highest number of migrants who received assistance from IOM Azerbaijan were from Pakistan (41 persons), Thailand (5 persons), and India (1 person) to whom IOM provided food to 20 cases, accommodation assistance to 21 cases, documentation assistance to 2 cases, and medical assistance to 4 cases. 

The assistance was delivered to vulnerable and stranded migrants in the frame of the regional project on humanitarian assistance to stranded, vulnerable migrants (foreign nationals) in the South Caucasian countries funded by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM).

Since 2020 IOM Azerbaijan has provided assistance to 339 stranded and vulnerable migrants to address their urgent needs for food and hygiene, accommodation, and medicine in the scope of the project activities noted IOM Azerbaijan Chief of Mission Vladimir Gjorgjiev. "Our effective efforts will continue in order to address the needs of migrants stranded due to COVID19 mobility restrictions."

Currently, IOM Azerbaijan continues working directly with foreign migrants in order to identify and reach out to as many vulnerable migrants as possible.



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