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TransLink.iQ Monitors and Manages EFTPOS Terminals of PASHA Bank

The network of EFTPOS terminals of the PASHA Bank is connected to the TransLink.iQ platform developed by ASHBURN International, a part of the Penki Kontinentai Group.

According to Jalal Orujov, a Member of the Executive Board and Chief Operating Officer at PASHA Bank, the new EFTPOS network management system opens up additional opportunities for the bank. "In addition to automating payments and optimizing the EFTPOS deployment, the new system provides comprehensive online workflow monitoring, as well as receiving additional information about each payment made in the terminal network. The software meets the requirements of international payment systems and international security standards, which guarantees reliable protection of PASHA Bank customers' personal data," says Jalal Orujov.

According to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Taxes, in August 2019, the number of EFTPOS terminals amounted to almost 65,000. By the number of payment terminals transactions, PASHA Bank occupies about 36 percent of the market. The bank has its own processing center in Azerbaijan, which works with all local and international payment systems operating in the country. To manage such a large transaction flow required a reliable, but at the same time flexible solution.

"TransLink.iQ is a very flexible product with many advantages: multi-vendor, security, the ability to manage the big fleet of terminals in one system. We have been improving it for many years. TransLink.iQ architecture allows customizing it according to specific client's needs and the existing infrastructure," says Žoržas Šarafanovičius, Executive Director of ASHBURN International.

According to him, the bank was interested in automating the transaction process, as well as in expanding the functionality of payment terminals. Additional features such as automation of payment for customs services through integration with customs servers, dynamic currency conversion and payment by installments contribute to increasing customer loyalty. "TransLink.iQ extends the standard EFTPOS functionality and increases business profitability by providing additional services. Our solution transforms the relationship between the acquiring bank and its customer-merchant to a new level," says Ž. Šarafanovičius.

He emphasized that thanks to experience in the banking sector, ASHBURN International can offer the client a solution that best suits the needs, then supports it, becoming not a software provider, but a partner of the company.

PASHA Bank is the leading corporate bank of Azerbaijan, founded in 2007. The Bank offers all major financial services, including investment banking, trade financing and asset management.

ASHBURN International, a member of the group of companies “Penki kontinentai”, offers the POS terminals network monitoring and management solutions, transaction data transfer and loyalty system management. ASHBURN International also provides rental, installation and maintenance services of the bank equipment. The company is the official partner of the world's largest POS terminals manufacturer Ingenico Group in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The ASHBURN International services portfolio includes outsourcing in financial, commercial and telecommunication spheres. The software and equipment meet the international organizations VISA International, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB and UPI requirements.


Andrea Hagmann
Member of Supervisory Board of AccessBank Azerbaijan
Takhmasib Dadashev
Writer, Associate Professor of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia), the author of over 40 research articles and six books on innovative technologies, facial recognition and programming.
Diana Cazacu
Expert of consulting company "Advision Finance"
Jahangir Ganizadeh
Director of the Project Division of "AtaTechnology"
Damla Bayik
Sales & Marketing Director of "Aura Wellness Centre"
Mehmet Ayan
Food & Beverage Manager of "Green House"

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